Automotive Mechanic – A Rewarding Job

onditions? The negative aspects of the activities include working with grease, awkward and strange circumstances and sometimes changing weather conditions.

What instruments or equipment they use? The tools used most often include tools such as wrenches wrench, screwdriver, lubrication solutions, calibration tools, dipstick, test circuit detectors, diagnostic tools. Dexterity and agility are also important requirements.

What you need to succeed? All you need to succeed is to finish a professional school or university with that domain.

Another job that is related to this is auto service worker.

Their obligations are: cleaning, degreasing and polishing paste anointing with the machines, repairs usual – for example, replacement of the wing flaps, replacement of the electric plant, replacement of exhaust pipes, replacing and fixing wheels, tires, ventilation tubes, balance wheel, interior car cleaning, washing, shampooing, polishing and lubricating cream polishes the car parts and engine operation of washing lines – to give the spray engine and chassis, its sandstone under a specific scheme (plan of lubrication), to discard and replace the engine oil, gearbox and steering, including to treat and replace air filters and oil, its gradual cars inside and outside, to give the spray protective chassis and lower parts of the machine, replace batteries, lamps, mirrors, the mirrors, the brake plates and other components easy to replace the car.

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