How to Use Automated Blogging Tools to Get Free Website Content and Free Website Traffic

Thousands of people all around the world, are earning an income online on a daily basis by writing/posting on web blogs.


A Blog is an online resource/tool/platform where you can publish your own thoughts, articles, videos and ideas. You can also publish articles and videos from other people, where copyright permission permits.

2 Types of web blogs:

2.1Some Free Online Blogging Services

  • Blogger, a hosted blogging service by Google
  • WordPress, another free hosted blogging service
  • Squidoo
  • and much more…

2.2 Free WordPress Blogging Software

WordPress is not the only free blogging software but it is the most versatile and popular self hosted blogging platform. Self hosted means that you have to pay for you domain name and hosting and upload the software to your website in order to blog this way.


1. The Inherent Website Investment Protection Plan

Thousands of users are using Blogger and other free blogging platforms and most are like fish in water. Nothing to pay to have your say and fast and easy to set up right from the start. You can literally start blogging within a few minutes. Why then would millions would rather choose the self hosted option and pay about $50 per year to maintain their own domain name and self hosted WordPress installation? An own domain name is usually not used with free blogging services but is needed to blog using a self hosted blog. Your own domain name can help you get ranked in the search engines if it contains the keyword or keywords you want to get ranked for. If any content on your free Blogger blog is frowned upon, Blogger may delete it. That is the same with any other free blogging service.

It is understandable that any domain owner (such as Blogger) have to protect their online interest – the same way you have to if you own a domain name and hosting. You cannot publish anything without taking responsibility for what is put on there. The difference with a self hosted blog gives you the opportunity to edit your blog (delete a post someone complained about) without losing everything overnight. This is a big deal if you have build up your blog over time and your investment is at a stage where you earn some money from your blog content pulling traffic from the search engines. Losing your blog overnight will result in cutting off that online stream of income overnight as well.

$50 seems like a small price to pay for a self hosted blog if it means helping you protect your investment, especially if you earn $1,000 a month from your blog. Other than this inherent protection plan you also get two more major opportunities if you have a self hosted blog.

2. Free Website Content

You can get free website content for your blog by publishing articles other people wrote if you have their permission. This is a great benefit to any blog – and since you have to do the work it is possible to achieve this on any type of blogging platform. You can save a lot of work if you can get people to upload their own work to your blog. This is called guest blogging.

Getting people to do guest blogging if you are using a free blogging service is a unthinkable. Although this may be possible you have all the tools included in a self hosted blog in order to benefit from this opportunity.

3. Free Website Traffic

You get free website traffic when people find your blog posts in the search engines when they have search for something your blog may provide the answer to. If someone search on something specific and you published an article on your blog that is about that topic of interest, you can say that a person who finds your article listed in the search engine results and comes to your website, is absolutely targeted (interested) and can easily buy from you if you have a related product or service advertised on your blog.

3.1 Free Website Traffic From Guest Blogging On Your Blog

The more people you get that contribute to your website the more traffic you get from the search engines. Since monetizing your website is so much easier with a self hosted blog you can therefor potentially earn a lot more from the increased search engine traffic.

3.2 Free Website Traffic From Guest Blogging On Other Blogs

If you write for other self hosted blogs, you are a guest blogger yourself. But in return a guest blogger get something in return for adding content to someone else’s blog. They get the opportunity to get a visitor from reading their article/post who may click through to their website link at the bottom and the link in itself tells the search engine that your website have related content. The more such backlinks the greater the possibility that the search engines may rank you higher for that keyword or phrase. Contributing to other self hosted blogs this way creates an increase of free website traffic from the search engines.


There are tools that you can use with a self hosted WordPress blog that make it easier or guest bloggers to add their posts/articles to your blog. These automated blogging tools also enable you as the guest blogger to automate your blogging on other blogs. Guest blogging this way is much more sufficient and time saving.

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