Stay At Home Mothers Blogging To The Bank

Is blogging the new way for stay at home mothers to make a great monthly passive income?

What is a blog? Well in short it is nothing more than an online diary. For example:

If you weren’t already aware, the highly popular UK TV show ‘The Secret Diary of a Call Girl’ was based on the online diary of a real life anonymous call girl, who was, ahem, well you know… earning money doing ‘things’ to fund herself while she studied. They became so popular her online tales became a book then later a popular TV show.

Blogging can be very lucrative. There is one blog I visit regularly where the owner generates an average $20000 + each month from his blogs.

Recently a new trend has been sweeping through cyber space and that is the phenomenon called mommy blogs. Stay at home mothers have been taking to the internet and started to ‘blog’ about day to day parenting issues and topics which has gained popularity with readers.

These blogs have grown and keep growing to a size where they have been noticed by big companies who have started to pay good money for these blogs to advertise their products and send them plenty of freebies to be reviewed by the blogger. Many of the mommy bloggers now earn thousands of pounds each and every month in advertising revenue and affiliate commissions.

So what do you blog about and how?

Here is our 7 step plan to achieving success as a mommy blogger.

1. Get Focused: find a topic.

A mommy blog no longer has to be mom related (being from the UK the word mom seems so odd! Lol). You must find something that you enjoy writing about, it is hard to write for any length of time on a subject that does not interest you. To have a successful blog you will need to write about your chosen topic over and over again in several different ways.

Jessica Benton, a US based mommy blogger started her blog on saving money at home which she later changed to a tech blog focusing on all things gadgetry.

2. Get a name & get a plan.

If blogging is new to you then you need a plan, especially when it comes to the name of your blog, once your blog takes off you are stuck with it, so think ahead, what do you want to blog about and what do you want to call your site?

Several of the top mommy blog authors admitted that they never planned to have a professional blog and were lucky that the names they chose worked out nicely when their blogs grew. Their advice; Think seriously about your blogs name.

3. Practice.

Start blogging at a free blog site like or Spend 3 – 6 months writing about your chosen topic and spending time on your blog to see if you can do it and more importantly enjoy it. If you don’t make it through those first six months then you will not make it. At least this way it never cost you a penny. If you do enjoy it and think you can make it work then it is time for the next step. Get a domain name.

4. Register your brand.

Once you have decided that you can make blogging work for you, you need to invest in getting a domain name. At the same time it is advised to get a Facebook page and Twitter account set up with the same name. Making all 3 the same helps in getting noticed and creating that all important brand feel.

When registering your domain, having the word ‘mom’ in it can help you get noticed by companies looking for blogs to partner up with. For example one successful mommy blog is

5. Start writing.

The professional mommy bloggers are writing 1 to 10 posts a day. They are writing good quality content that other people are interested in reading. It is advised to write from the heart and write in an easy and friendly manner, as if you were talking to a friend of a friend. Not too technical or complicated but not to ‘matesy’ with slang and terminology only your best friends would understand.

Writing regular good quality articles will help with your search engine rankings bringing in plenty of organic traffic. (People who found you without you running costly advertising campaigns or social media promotions).

6. Review your own life.

Mommy bloggers started to review the things that they enjoyed or things they used at home. This could be from food to TV shows they watched. Before long companies would see that they were getting rave reviews for their products and an endorsement from happy users is one of the best forms of advertising you can have. These companies would send the mommy bloggers free stuff to enjoy and review. A win-win situation for both parties involved.

To attract brand name companies into your blogging business, it is important to have product and item reviews visible on your blog and very importantly to be honest. Show bad points if there are any and not just the good. Don’t write over the top praise that looks false otherwise they will think that you are not genuine and just after their business. It won’t work.

7. Connect with other blogs.

This is not to be confused with blatant self-promoting but genuine connecting with other blogs and sites. Again, being genuine is the name of the game, why? Because it works best and creates lasting relationships with trusting customers in the long run. Blogging is a long game and not a get rich quick system.

You need to find websites or blogs that are in the same topic as you and leave proper comments regarding their posts. Do not post comments such as ‘Come and check out my blog’ they annoy site owners and readers and they will be deleted.

Creating genuine relationships with other blogs will have them regularly coming to your blog to read what you have written and share your articles and reviews with their readership. You will have traffic coming to your blog from these other blogs.

Remember to include a fully working link or website address with your comment.

Like all walks of life, there are unwritten rules and the big unwritten rule in the mommy blogging world is; do not ask other sites or blogs for favours. For instance, if you see a review of a product on a site you like, you then contact the site asking for the contact details to the person who sent them the product, so you too can do a review. They will not give you the contact details, why would they and why should they? However, what do friends do? They share things even contact details so it makes perfect sense to become friends with other sites first.

Final word on mommy blogging; it may be called mommy blogging but it isn’t just for the women of our world. Daddy blogging is also becoming big; in fact with so many lifestyles and niches out there blogging is big business. Household gadgets and products might not interest you but travelling does. Could you write about that? You might not have children and instead spend your day doing winter sports. Would that be something you can write about? Do you have knowledge on a subject that you can help people with, like Autism for an example? Whatever you like and enjoy, there is a huge potential of blogging topics out there. So, is blogging for you?

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